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The software that I use


It's possible to search directly from Internet. You may connect to this site:

The Postcodes of the french towns

You can also search directly for a place and have the answer immediately returned.

You may even begin your search directly from here:

This page will allow you to know the postcodes of almost 40000 french communes. (cities). You can search the database giving a name of town or a whole postcode, but may also use an expression with substitution characters:

If you have many searches to do, I recommend you try CODUTIL. This shareware, that you can download below gives you the postcodes of the 37000 communes which exist now in France. It's a really good geographic searching tool, and has the option of extensions with useful functions for genealogy (code INSEE, number of inhabitants, etc...). The registration cost is very low (90FF). 5988 Ko
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Finally, if you don't find what you are looking for, you can ask me to search in:

The Dictionnaire des communes (The "communes dictionary)

I have the "Dictionnaire des Communes de la France, de l'Algérie et des autres colonies Françaises" (Paris 1866)(dictionnarie of the communes of France, Algeria and other french colonies). This is a very useful little book to find communes who changed their name for any reason (merge with another one, ridiculous name or politically too heavy, etc...) If you're at a dead end, you can submit to me the name of the place which you are interested in, and I'll answer if I find in my dictionary.

About the departement called AIN, I recommend to consult Guy MIETTAUX, whom topographic dictionnary of the AIN departement (1873) is probably more

The numbers of the french "departements" (=counties):

The french "departements" (counties) are sorted in alphabetic order and each one has a number. The French people know these numbers very well, and if they don't know, they can find easily around them.
For foreigners it is probably much more difficult...
For them, you'll find below a fast correspondence table of the names and the numbers of the french departements, sorted in alphabetic order.
You'll need this number to search in the next heading (pictures of your ancestors village)


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Pictures of your ancestors village:

When you'll have identified the village of your ancestors, you can see appear on your computer, thanks to Mediasys's magic, one (or some) picture(s) of this village as it was at the beginning of the century.

Type here the number of the departement (01-99)then


An on-line map

You can if you want it try to find the geographic localization of your ancestors village searching on the  Mapquest site

The idea is appealing: with successive "zooms", you'll draw a more and more narrow zone which will take you to the area you're interested in . Theoretically, the better definition allows you to zoom down to the streets of a town. Of course that's true only for the larger ones.But what I did test seems to be quite complete even for the villages. It seems that you can find all the french "communes". One of the drawbacks is that it it is a very busy site and could leave you waiting quite some time for the results of your query. However, if you have enough time to spare it's interesting to try it.

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Two conversions utilities

Often when we do genealogy, we find unknown measures (area, capacity, money, etc...), either because they are ancient or disappeared, or they are from another measurement system (british one for europeans, decimal one for american people). There are some fast conversion software utilities, often in shareware, cheap and extremely useful in the daily life of a genealogist. You can download two of them below:

Conversions V4.0: (64 Kb in zip format). It can convert almost 200 ancient measures in contemporary ones. It can convert too the ancient Francs into today's (until 1901). This is the shareware version, it is incomplete . You must register to benefit of all its accommodations.

Robconv : (86 Kb in zip format). With this utility, you can translate anglo-saxon measures into metric decimal ones and vice versa.


Calendar conversions: an "on-line" conversion site. You can convert any date in gregorian calendar , julian one, french republican one or jewish one. You can even identify any day of the week with its date... Since 25th November 4714 BC!!!

Brumaire: a little shareware program to download on Christian DAUMOINX's home page. You can convert the FRENCH REPUBLICAN CALENDAR with this program.

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