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      My GENEALOGY page
        • The French parish records available for free on the Internet
        • About the software I use: HEREDIS for Windows (exists also for Mac).You can download a demo version.
        • You can now download also a demo version of HEREDIS for MAC 
        • My Flash-lists: you can look at the whole flash-list or search by departement. If a name is interesting for you, you can download my Gedcom file.
        • The pionneers in Canada: I've downloaded on Denis BEAUREGARD's page a list of all the known french people who emigrated in Quebec before 1825. I've sorted them by departements for an easier search for french genealogists. All departments are not sorted. If you're interested, I can send you a macro of WORD to search in the departement you are interested for.
        • SEARCH A PLACE IN FRANCE: all the tools that you need if you're in search of an unknown place in FRANCE.
        • CODUTIL: It's a shareware that will give you the possibility to search the postcode and the localization of any of the 37000 french communes existing today.
        • The "Dictionnaire des communes de France, d'Algérie et des Colonies Françaises (1866)": If you are searching for an unknown place in France, or Algeria, wich is not in CODUTIL, perhaps this place did exist in 1866 and is in my dictionnary. So you can submit it for me, and I will answer if I can.
        • PICTURES OF YOUR VILLAGE: When you have found the village of your origins in france, you can look at pictures of this place, dating from the beginning of the century. You just have to know the number of the departement, to submit it, and to follow the instructions.
        • Numbers of the french departements: a lot of foreigners encounter difficulties to identify the french departements with their number. You'll find there a connection table for the 100 and little more of french departements.
        • Conversions sharewares: You can download two sharewares that'll permit you to convert old units in modern units for one, and american units in metric units for the other 

      The GeneaBank project:
        • This page contains the text of a great project of data exchanges beetween genealogical societies through the Internet.

      My COLLIOURE's page: (french version)
        • Collioure is a little mediterranean harbour of northern Cataluña where my family's coming from. On this page, you'll find ALL about genealogy in Collioure: adresses, lists, bibliography, links, etc... And a very nice Java applet with a picture of the world famous "Collioure's church of the sea".

      My GREEK PAGES: (french-greek version) The History of the "MESSAGERIES MARITIMES" line.


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